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Apollo - Key Staff Member
Atlas - Key Staff Member

Safety Officer

Apollo is more than just a safety officer. He’s a loyal and integral part of the team. With almost a decade of service under his collar, Apollo’s experience and expertise in ensuring the safety and security of the home office are unmatched. His friendly demeanour and love for treats and belly rubs make him a favourite among his colleagues. He oversees the training of new apprentices, ensuring they understand safety protocols thoroughly. Apollo’s commitment to safety and his unwavering loyalty makes him an invaluable asset to Doherty Corp.


At just 12 weeks old, Atlas is not only eager to learn but also enthusiastic about food exploration. Under the mentorship of Apollo, he’s soaking up knowledge and skills while also giving his mentor a challenge in the treat department. Despite his love for unconventional snacks like rocks, sticks and dirt, Atlas is determined to follow in Apollo’s pawprints and become a trusted safety officer. 

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